South Shore Preserve Near Wallum Lake

SouthShoreImageName/Description – Property on South Shore Road Preserve near Wallum Lake
Fee Owner Name Burrillville Land Trust – a private land trust in the Town of Burrillville
Property Name – South Shore property
Purpose – Water supply and watershed protection
Public Access – No public access
Tax Assessor’s Plat & Lot ID  – Map 034 Lot ID 028
Acreage – 18.26
Date of Acquisition – 10/30/2007


This property along Wallum Lake Road and South Shore Road in Harrisville, Rhode Island, was acquired by the Burrillville Land Trust on October 30, 2007. These 18.26 acres helps filter water from nearby Wallum Lake to waterways and residents down stream. The property is forever relieved from the pressures of development. Instead, the property is forever maintained as wetlands and as open space. The South Shore Road Preserve near Wallum Lake provides a buffer that helps Wallum Lake stay pristine as a class A public drinking water source. Nearby residents and those directly across the street from the property will forever enjoy a natural setting just outside their front door especially for viewing riparian habitats associated with wetlands near a major body of water. Placing land near the lake in permanent open space protection in a private land trust is one step that significantly reduces road runoff and pollution into local drinking water. This will help insure water quality for future generations.

The land trust became interested in the property and accepted the property as part of our mission to preserve the rural character of the Town of Burrillville. Using land as a buffer to maintain clean water for residents and all life around us, is part of the land trust’s community responsibilities. In the past, there was great pressure to develop this property along with other properties next to Wallum Lake. The Burrillville Land Trust is grateful for the opportunity to acquire this property and remove forever the development pressure for the town and the local residents.

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